Person Centered Therapy

Carl Rogers [AKA the nicest guy ever in psychotherapy] coined this approach. He had the upmost compassion for his clients and the approach is founded on the premise that healing and growth always occurs where there is safety, kindness and care.

Unconditional positive regard and self-actualisation are cornerstone concepts of this humanistic approach. This doesn’t mean that these are the therapist’s only tools. Therapists are trained to untangle problems and see the bigger picture, but sessions are client led. This is an approach that is particularly helpful when there is shame, regret or a client is struggling to show self-compassion, which is essential for healing.

“Wherever we are, wherever we find ourselves, this is just us doing the best we can with what we have, trying to get where we need to go.”

— Carl Rogers, A way of Being

Our approaches

We offer a wide range of approaches depending on the requests and needs of our clients. We work according to the latest evidence-based approaches, always tailored to suit the unique person in front of them.