Schema Therapy

Schema therapy is an evidence-based, integrative approach that blends cognitive, behavioural and experiential techniques. It recognises all aspects of neurophysiology in its approach.

Neuroscience teaches us that we each have an inbuilt capacity for growth and healing. A positive, responsive, and safe relationship produces certain chemicals and hormones, which enhance the regulation of emotions, stress and neural firing. The ability of the brain to change itself, coupled with the power of a safe therapeutic relationship, promises fulfilment. This approach can change feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness or general unhappiness and link us to a path towards greater peace.


Schema therapy can help us make sense of how we have learned to adapt and cope with different situations through our own personal experiences. The concept of a ‘schema’ is used to describe a blue print that the individual has developed about themselves, the world and other people and which are often at the core of their emotional difficulties. Schemas are formed during childhood when some or all of our needs are not met. Understanding our needs and the related schemas can help us to make changes to the patterns we find ourselves in.

Our approaches

We offer a wide range of approaches depending on the requests and needs of our clients. We work according to the latest evidence-based approaches, always tailored to suit the unique person in front of them.