There are times when the challenges of life can make us feel overwhelmed and isolated, and it may feel difficult to talk about how we feel to those who are closest to us. We go through transitions and crises and experience uncertainty and loss. How we deal with difficulties in life is fundamental to how we carry on forwards and ultimately who we become as people.

We offer a range of psychotherapeutic approaches which includes CBT, psychodynamic, person-centred therapy, EMDR and existential psychotherapy. Through the process of exploration we enable self-knowledge and self-awareness to help you grow and conquer issues that may previously have been experienced as all-consuming or overwhelming. We will help you develop healthy ways of dealing with your present issues, while identifying the roots of these problems.

We will explore how your past experiences have affected the way you live today and operate within your life in the present, and when you become aware and understand this, it is possible for change to take place.

Therapy can help you to develop ways of coping better, overcoming issues you may feel are holding you back.

We can help you find and develop your personal strengths, communicate better, deal with trauma, and identify what is really meaningful to you in life.

Ultimately, we can help you along the path of the kind of life you would like to live.

Our approaches

We offer a wide range of approaches depending on the requests and needs of our clients. We work according to the latest evidence-based approaches, always tailored to suit the unique person in front of them.