Wellness Performance Plan

There is an increasing body of research linking diet, exercise, sleep and other environmental issues to problems with mental health. This assessment service takes all of that information in, as well as forming a psychological understanding of the client, and from there outline what changes can be made to increase  overall wellbeing and reach specific goals and.

According to research the five pillars of wellbeing are: physical health, relationships, presence, achievement (meaning and purpose), and pleasure.

Rather than going to see you GP, with the likely outcome of being (unnecessarily) prescribed psychotropic medication, the first step to better mental health is to understand the underlying problem, not medicating symptoms away. In most cases, there are simple and straight forward ways in which you can improve your mood and situation, with only positive side-effects.

This service is an excellent option for those who feel that they are stuck, depressed, anxious, stressed; like they are unbalanced mentally and not in a place where they would like to be.

What to expect

  • We assess what is going on for you right now, and offer direct, practical solutions to how you can best help yourself.
  • We are likely to be able to give you direct feedback in the session, but the core of the session will be outlined in a report addressing you are going wrong and how to change.
  • If we find that past trauma or deeper issues are needed to be worked though, we can layer this option up with one-to-one therapy.
  • Combining the recommended improvements from this assessment with undertaking psychotherapy, can be an excellent choice for many clients.

"I honestly cannot thank you enough for yesterday. What an incredible experience and thank you so much for guiding me through it so beautifully". (Hypnotherapy).

"Harika immediately provided me a safe space to work on my self. She skilfully navigated this with a fine balance of professional expertise and kindness. The sessions were beneficial for me and gave me practical tools that I have continued to integrate into my day to day behaviour."

“I’m so glad I found Harika. She tailored her approach to incorporate traditional psychotherapy with somatic therapy, whilst also understanding the nuances of my religious and cultural upbringing in a way that previous experiences haven’t achieved. I also appreciate the way she addresses the root cause while keeping firmly focused on moving forward. This has been truly transformational and I’ll be referring to all the notes I’ve made for years to come.”