Couples & family therapy

There are many reasons why people seek couples counselling. Some of the more common reasons are lack of intimacy, trust, communication, sex. You may be arguing a lot and feel you are not being heard and understood by the other person, leaving you feeling frustrated and disconnected.

Therapy can help you to communicate without passing blame to the other person – so you can both see the other’s perspective and form a deeper understanding and compassion for each other and the situation.

We will work on the immediate problems, where your past will be used to help understand what is going on in the present. Previous learnt ways of communicating and relating could be standing in the way of meeting your partner in a healthy and positive way today.

couple holding hands over table

What to expect

  • You can expect to find a deeper connection with your partner, and resolutions that are enriching and meaningful.
  • Each relationship is unique, and we will let you take the lead in what you would like the relationship to be like, with our expertise in overcoming the obstacles to get you there.
  • There is nothing we haven’t heard before, so you can feel safe in bringing your full selves to the sessions in the knowledge that we will make it as safe and comfortable for you as possible.
  • We work with all types of relationships; married couples, straight, LGBTQI+, polyamorous relationships, families, work and group relationships.