Psy-coaching is an intensive coaching programme developed to target fast and effective change and personal growth. It helps to provide focus, clarify goals, identify strengths/weaknesses, improve relationships and grow confidence.

Psy-coaching is essentially coaching with the crucial addition of understanding your individual psychology; how subconscious-drives and past experiences influence your unique perception of the world and how you have been conditioned in your life thus far to respond to people and situations. Understanding this unlocks huge potential!

Using psychological skills, we focus on helping clients learn more about themselves to fully optimise strengths and overcome obstacles.

Sessions are exclusively tailored to your needs and circumstances. Our coaches devise detailed and actionable steps specific to you and your goals.

“Harika is a compassionate, skilled and effective therapist. She has been transformative and has a gift for healing and empowerment”

"The level of attention given by Harika was really wonderful and her approach and demeanour made it really easy to have a discussion"

"I’ve only had one session with Harika but it was more helpful than all the other therapy put together"