Online Therapy

Online therapy is becoming increasingly popular and with the spread of COVID-19. This is currently our primary means of delivering therapy and counselling to our clients, but there are options for face-to-face psychotherapy where necessary.

Although the practice will remain open for those clients for whom working face to face is essential, you may find it easier and safer to work with a therapist online.

The thought of communicating through video conference or phone might initially elicit some apprehension, it’s important to know that this form of therapy is just as effective as the sessions we hold in-person.

Our highly trained therapists have worked online before the coronavirus emergency and are able to provide equally effective treatments online and over the phone for individuals and couples.

This means you can continue to get the support you need during this difficult time at a time that fits around your schedule, comfortably in your own home.


Why online therapy could be a good option for you:

  • It could be more practically and financially feasible for you – you don’t have to travel long distances to see a therapist and it can fit around you and your time – this may especially suit people living in remote areas.
  • You can access it from the comfort of your home.
  • It may feel less scary to ‘meet’ someone online rather than face to face and it can sometimes feel easier to talk about difficult issues this way due to the sense of anonymity it can provide.
  • Online counselling can work well as a steppingstone for someone trying to transition to face to face counselling – such as those with social anxiety.

What to expect:

When you sign up for your initial appointment with a practitioner of your choice:

  • Your therapist will send you a link to the appointment.
  • Please click on the link before the appointment to make sure you can access the waiting area.
  • The program will most likely ask you to install a small Zoom interface.
  • You can configure audio and video during the call.
  • At the time of your online zoom counselling session your therapist will admit you to the call.


“I was initially worried it would feel awkward to meet my therapist online, but within 5 minutes I was completely at ease and the session went really well. I will continue with online therapy for now, it’s quickly become such a positive routine during lockdown, and a real source of positivity and strength for me!”

“I’m increasingly using skype for work and for other health matters, so it felt like such a natural progression to move to having my counselling sessions via video. My therapist was excellent and made the whole experience truly worthwhile”

“Finding time in my schedule to accommodate the self-care my mental well-being needed was proving challenging, but moving to online sessions made a big difference and my life feels so much more balanced as a result. Thank you!!”